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Alabama Career Planning System
provides all the reliable education and career planning resources students and their families need to visualize their futures — and make the plans to get there. The system also gives educators tools to measure success and helps local businesses

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Mobile County Career and Technical Education
Mobile County Public Schools utilizes the ACPS Kuder website in all grade levels. This website offers students the opportunity to complete a comprehensive interest inventory. As students progress through school, ACPS Kuder is used to help them

New Brockton High School: Guidance - Links'Guidance'&Page='Links'
Some great tips are offered here.  Not all pertain to middle school (for example, tape recorders are not allowed in class), but this is a really good place to start learning ways to work with your ADHD to be a successfull student!

Pinson Valley High School / Homepage
At Pinson Valley High School, we promote achievement, respect, and success! Pinson Valley High School is committed to teaching and learning for all. We have a collective commitment to rigorous learning for all, responsible resource management

Billingsley School: Guidance - Links'Guidance'&Page='Links'
The ACT test is a college entrance test that all students are recommended to take.  The suggested grade level to start taking the test is 10th Grade. Students in grades 11 or 12 who receive free or reduce lunch are elligible for a total of two

Plant Sciences / Welcome
Horticulture is the intensive study of plants across the areas of science, technology, and business. An education in horticulture can prepare a student for occupations on local as well as international levels of operation. Our program prepares