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SPIFF Sales Incentives: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

SPIFF refers to a small, immediate bonus for a sale. These can be good for your customers if these “paid recommendations” are appropriate and truthful.

Channel Incentives That Work For Big Brands | 360insights

Manage all your channel incentives on one platform including SPIFFs, Rebates, CO-OP Advertising and MDF, Sell-Through Allowances, and Volume Incentives.

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of the last fashion, indicated by a marvelous hieroglyphic put on the price ticket. These marks are well known by the assistant, and the almost invisible mystic sign explains why an article, wholly unsuitable, is foisted on the jaded customer

Salesman spiffs; am I crazy to feel taken advantage of???

So we have been working with a designer at an area kitchen and bath showroom to remodel our small kitchen. She's an acquaintence from kid's soccer and since their business is kind of down we wanted to